Monday, 21 April 2014

3G Alarm Camera with Self Monitoring "What is IT" ?

At CCTVAustralia we have been testing this technology now for over 3 years it has taken this long to finally present our newest Quality model that will last and have total support from our company. After many years of testing similar products and frustration we finally came to the current model the 3GCam Video alarm camera which will protect your premises as well report to you when anything happens.

The function of this device is unique as it uses a Sim card inside the main PIR Detector Which also has a
camera for remote viewing. The actual PIR Camera has a sensor built inside of it and it will automatically
respond if activated by calling you up on the Phone which has to be a Samsung Galaxy Model to receive the full benefits of viewing a Video Call and text detection to your mobile telephone. The Sim card used has to be without any message bank function otherwise the device will not communicate properly.

Apart from the Video calling and Text messaging this unit can give you up to 10 Wireless devices attached. The Wireless devices include Key Fob Remotes, PIR Sensors for room detection door and window Reid switch a Keypad and a Siren. The unit will support up to ten of these devices which is very exciting to the fact that you can have a full alarm system without any of the monitoring fees and you can Video call any time to see what is happening at the premises. Another bonus is the Audio capabilty as you can hear and also speak in to your phone to warn off intruders and the 3G Alarm Camera will recieve audio in real time.

In conclusion this is by far the best 3G camera i have tested and apart from the functions I have listed there is also more options to control the system via your mobile phone. You can turn on & off your alarm system via your mobile phone through a text message or you can get a remote key fob which is easy to use. The Keypad also gives you the option to have up to 6 users on the panel so in fact this would be ideal for small offices to medium sized buildings and houses yes security technology is evolving and our company is proud to present this product for your convenience.