Sunday, 25 August 2013

960H CCTV What does it mean

Hi CCTV Followers

960H is now the talk in the analogue world of CCTV as the traditional method on coaxial cable installation has just stepped up to a newer affordable level. The traditional format being D1 which is 720x570 resolution has been the standard for CCTV for many years with variable compression methods such as MPEG4 & Then H.264. Analogue cameras have also progressed through the years as the line rates have been steadily getting higher ranging from 380TVL to 700TVL and now 800TVL being what is called 960H resolution.

A Known fact that I would like to share with you the reader is the D1 DVR Recorder being made with 720x576 resolution will only submit cameras up to 550TVL resolution please be aware that most D1 DVR`s will not be able to go above this resolution and if you see cameras being sold above 550TVLas a pack with a D1 DVR then you will not get the full image clarity you think you are getting.

What is 960H and what does it mean let me explain 960H is the name given to a series of CCD image
sensors developed by the Sony corporation in 2009. These CCD image sensors are capable of capturing Video resolution of 976x628 resolution therefore cameras with a liner rate from 700-800TVL will be better image quality compared to the old D1 resolution cameras. 960H Camera Technology will only see the full benefits when you use a 960H cameras with your new 960H DVR. Let’s think about this scenario why would you buy the latest cameras and not utilise this technology with the recommended DVR. Let’s face it would you use a small Mini car to tow a huge caravan that pretty well sums it up.

More benefits of 960H technology is that being in the next step up in analogue technology it is more affordable to the general public compared to the latest digital technology. You can also keep the existing coaxial cable structure and just swap out the cameras and DVR utilizing 960H which has a much smoother and user friendly recording.It might be wise to also up your Hard Drive storage as the higher the recording resolution the more space it will take. Please also be aware that there is a lot of fake camera manufacturers out there claiming that they make 960H cameras but are in fact only D1 cameras.