Friday, 22 March 2013

Installation Cabling

Hi to All CCTV enthusiast

Today I would like to discuss our companies philosophy in regards to how important cabling is to CCTV Installation. In recent times I have noticed poor cabling standards which can cause numerous problems with camera Transmission.

Problems that can arise are

1. Ghosting of images this is a hallow effect that double the image in the background
2. Rolling bars across the screen caused by not segregating your cable from electrical cabling.
3. Flickering on the screen is caused from poor termination connections
4. Cut and shut cables from camera to power supply causes a degradation of signal e.g lack of colour
5. Wrong cable being used can also reduce picture quality
6. Star wiring of power to CCTV cameras will cause many problems such as above
7. Cheap unregulated Power Supplies can cause interference and a rolling effect.
8. Unlicensed cablers well they are unlicensed so that explains it all.
Every now and then we are contacted to help a customer fix up there cabling woes and it is not always their fault. The reason I am writing this is to make the customer more aware that to take short cuts with unprofessional installers will bite you in the end so you really should invest wisely with a licensed cable installer. I want customers to be aware that I have come across many accounts of customers using unlicensed cablers making all the promises in the world but when nothing works they disappear.

In Australia a Security cabler has to have a Security Cabling License your local electrician is usually not licensed to be a Security Cabler even though many electricians claim they are. Security Cabling and electrical cabling are completely two different systems of cabling and need different methods to ensure proper picture quality of CCTV.

Well i hope this advice will help future clientelle make the appropriate decisions when considering a professional CCTV system I think this knowledge will help you understand the importance of proper cabling standards